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Background: ‘Phoneme’ (Digital, 2008, A. Wilson)

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Home is where the eyes are(n’t)? 

Working in-house over the long term brings unique insight into a brand’s distinctive voice and style. Time and deep institutional knowledge provide the opportunity to work on an extensive range of projects, including the high-profile, high-stakes landscape of the corporate homepage.

Now with less impact and power (thanks, Google!), the ‘homepage’ nonetheless remains an introduction to the brand experience via a showcase of products and services.

Shown here are prototype examples, with variations serving unique business goals on the path to the final product.


Vision Forward

Blue skies are forever.

Having the opportunity create something from nothing is a sometimes daunting, but worthy and rewarding challenge,
channeling ideas and goals into coherent visual documents.

From big pixels in the golden age of CD-ROM games to the creative workarounds of early HTML/Flash to forecasting frontiers in a R&D UX lab to deep brand diving, blue skies are ever-present in the journey from idea to screen.


The Start-Up Graveyard

In my spare time, I have created and developed multiple online products. This has included every phase of development, from concept to build to launch. While these initiatives may not have stuck the landing, they provided unique insight and lessons learned.

The so-called distinction of ‘failure,’ which has become the abject badge-of-honor in startup culture doesn’t overshadow the sheer joy of creating a working MVP that went live and functioned. The hard work of 2-3 people having done what large teams with funding have failed to do is immensively satisfying in spite of traditional success metrics.

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‘The Girlfriend’ Newsletter
UX Design

Homepage Exploration
UX Design

3D News Exploration
UI Concept

SB Nation
Homepage Exploration
Branding Concept

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