Client: Bloomberg/ Project: Cities Challenge Initiative

Teamed up with Ogilvy PR to create this hi-res interactive infographic in a 20-hour marathon session for a Bloomberg pitch presentation using the Prezi viewer.

Client: AAA/ Project: iPad Lobby App

Working with Big Wonderful, designed this AAA iPad app interface for use in their corporate lobby, while maintaining a consistent tone with a branded wall installation.

Client: RIAA/ Project: DemandProof

Created an online visual presence and identity for the RIAA's DemandProof site, outlining the record industry's ongoing fight against intellectual property theft.

Client: Blue Cross/ Project: Claims Process User Flow

Re-engineered the process for submitting overseas claims from a manual, paper-based system to fully automated via the web through a set of simple steps accompanied by visual examples.

Client: SAGIA / Project: Site Redesign

Design update exploration for the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority.

Client: Vet Fran / Project: Website Design

Final design direction for the Vet Fran website, enabling service members to start businesses upon returning home.

Client: Chrysler / Project: "Pentastars" Profile

Design exploration for the profile page of a social networking project for Chrysler.

Client: Discovery Networks International / Project: TLC Europe iPhone App

Designed all page layouts, including portrait and landscape views for the TLC Europe iPhone application.

Client: Discovery Networks International / Project: Born Survivor Fansite

Fansite design template for Bear Gryll's "Born Survivor" (Region: UK). View Site →

Client: Discovery Networks International / Project: TV Listings

Early concept draft design for TV Listings in the Weekly view. (International)

Client: Discovery Networks International / Project: iTunes Covers

Sample full-sized downloadable iTunes store video series covers. (France)

Client: Discovery Networks International / Project: Light Sites UI

Early user interface concept drafts for proposed "light sites" templates, which could scale up or down, dependent on regional support and content. (International)

Client: Discovery Networks International / Project: Homepage Exploration

Design exercise to explore the possibilities of a visual homepage refresh with miminimal alterions to the existing template. (International)

Client: Fine Arts Dealers Association / Project: Los Angeles Art Show 2010

Transformed an inflexible, low-res Flash relic and reconstructed it into a dynamic, CSS-driven site with embedded social networking. The Los Angeles Art Show is the West Coast's largest art fair with 35,000 visitors and over a million hits a year on its website. (Note: Since modified by another party with yearly palette update) View Site →

Client: Sportsblogs, Inc. / Project: SB Nation

Assisted in developing ideas and innovating on "Story Stream" concepts. Established branding explorations and integration into multiple contexts across SB Nation page templates. Delivered high-fidelity design mockups for a newly branded SB Nation portal to compete directly with leading sports websites.

Client: Discovery Interactive / Project: Planet Green “Greeniversity” Microsite

For this project, I delivered wireframe schematics and conceptual design work, in addition to composing content and structure from draft documentation.

Client: Discovery Interactive / Project: Video

Created Phase I and Phase II draft and final design for video hubs including network for Discovery and Animal Planet. Also created playlist and show hub visual directions. View Site →

Client: Discovery Interactive / Project: Show Site Concepts

Early concept mocks towards a re-envisioning of the show site model, moving away from a heavy reliance on production-dependent Flash-based pages to a more dynamic, CSS-driven version.

Client: Discovery Interactive / Project: Planet Green "Green Apple Festival"

Created this volunteer microsite from the ground up, including flow, signup steps and visual city chooser. Designed mocks for all instances of the process and created spec docs for the development team to use as a visual reference and a base CSS guideline.

Client: M23 / Project: Identity Online

Visual directions for multiple screens, including hubs and profiles. Also created a Flash demo and styleguides.

Client: AOL / Project: KOL (Kids Online)

Revamped KOL (Kids Online), AOL's youth market product, from the ground up. Client sought to create a low-maintenance, high-engagement experience that minimized the use of Flash and made the publishing components more fluid. We created concept sketches, wireframes, grids and final design, with the addition of work on the core elements.

Client: AOL / Project: News Forecasting

Explored the future of online news journalism and how it could inform and impact the organization. Work included research, landscape trending, documentation, ideation sketching, wireframe drafts, UI and initial design.

Client: AOL / Project: AOL Dot Com Portal Prototype

Explored radical new concepts based on blue-sky ideation and progressive trends in the marketplace. The result of this work produced a fresh look and unique user experience for AOL that positioned it to move ahead of the competition.

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